11 August 2007

C2C goes mobile : for better or for worse

The mobile industry is thriving : m-commerce has become the latest B2C frontier. Every organisation wants its fair share of the cake : network operators, software editors, device manufacturers, banks, advertising agencies, online stores and doughnut street shops as well! Why that ?

For serving customers better ? No.
For making life easier to customers ? Maybe.
For bombing customers with targeted ads ? Yes.
For squeezing more cash more often out of subscribers ? Undoubtedly.

Do you remember how the cookie technology has revolutionized the Web ? How it is serving organisations of all kinds to gather information and build marketing datamarts ? Well, think of the mobile phone as a persistent private cookie capable of providing localisation & presence information and you'll get the picture! M-business clearly brings customer reach & segmentation to the ultimate level : the individual level.

The C2C business model being precisely built by and for individuals, it should be at the forefront of m-business applications. Indeed, while the B2C industry focuses on m-payment, m-ticketing & m-navigation applications, the C2C industry has come up with some interesting ventures :

Want to set up mobile premium services ? Check out Zong.

Want to set up a MVNO business ? Check out Sonopia.

Want to benefit from VoIP flat rates from your mobile phone ? Check out Mobivox.

Want to publish for mobile users and create your own QR-codes ? Check out Winksite.

Finally, for those who want to keep up to date with the mobile industry, visit the MobileMonday network as well as the telecom & mobile section of Springwise.