04 July 2007

Google is moving one step further in the VoIP segment

With the purchase of GrandCentral, Google is clearly showing its intentions to become a major player in the VoIP arena.

With recent initiatives like the Click-to-call and the Goog411 services, Google is pushing the integration of voice interactions into its core product portfolio. With this acquisition, Google is extending to unified communications.

The next step for Google is to enhance its Google Talk client application in order to have it compete with Skype, MSN or Yahoo real time communications client so that it reaches a much larger user base. The challenge being to make Google Talk as attractive to home users as to business users.

Finally to achieve full fixed & mobile convergence for voice and data, Google is taking a close look at the upcoming 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction in the US : read the story on BusinessWeek and on Google's public policy blog. In other countries, Google is seeking partnership opportunities with leading mobile operators, such as Orange and Vodafone in Europe.