03 August 2010

Dial On Phone for Exchange Unified Messaging

Slimphony introduces the unified click-to-dial concept through its new Dial On Phone solution.

Dial On Phone is a SIP based click to dial productivity solution that enables users to place calls from any desktop applications or a URL link to any telephony target (PSTN or VOIP protocol) through their desk phones -or any other (authorized) phone device of their choice.

Most click-to-call solutions are adherent to the PBX and do not support the dialling of VOIP protocols (sip, skype, msn, gtalk, etc...) alphanumeric addresses. Dial On Phone is PBX vendor independent and can either transfer or bridge calls between PBXs, SIP gateways or SIP trunks.

The Dial On Phone solution was originally designed to allow Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging users to call back the sender of a voice mail by simply clicking on the Caller-Id URL link provided in Outlook -a capability only offered to Microsoft Office Communication Server users. Hence the name, in comparison with the "Play On Phone" Exchange UM feature, as well as the architecture of the "Dial On Phone" solution which is fully compliant with the Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging architecture with its Web Services front-end.

By leveraging on SIP both as a first-party CTI protocol and to interconnect TDM & VOIP communication silos, the Dial On Phone solution is the glue that turns your desktop into a URL & Copy/Paste style dialer, and your existing desk phone into a multi-protocol endpoint.

Visit the Dial On Phone site for further details & download.