20 November 2007

Free video softphone for Alcatel OXE

Video call escalation (peer-to-peer) is now supported in forever4035. It works with any webcam that has a Windows driver. The video is encoded on the fly with the TrueMotion VP7 Personal Edition codec which delivers amazing real time video quality even at low bandwith (300 kbps). VP7 Personal Edition is a free version of On2's industry-leading award winning VP7 codec used in Skype.

Version 1.3 gets rid of the netmeeting conference capability (replaced by Meeting Spaces in Vista) and can therefore be installed on any Windows distribution. Follow this link to download the forever4035 UA softphone freeware.

Unleash the power of the proprietary Alcatel UA protocol and rip out the benefits of computer-telephony convergence. The forever4035 is a full-featured .net emulation of the famous 4035 e-reflexe hardware phone set. In addition it provides a set of API both for first party CTI integration & Softphone integration into business application : design the softphone that suits your own specific needs in your own custom environment!

forever4035 main features :

  • All telephony features available on the 4035 e-reflexe hardware phone set, including telephony presence
  • Click to dial selected items from any windows application (custom windows hot keys)
  • Toggle PC speakers, headset and speakerphone devices in one click
  • Conversation recording
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Phone set supervision bar
  • one-click peer-to-peer video call escalation
  • Embedded Web browser
  • Windows desktop toolbar & taskbar integration
  • Windows Internet Explorer integration

forever4035 APIs :

  • . NET in-process library (can also be exposed as a COM interface)
  • XML-RPC out-process server (web services interface)

forever 4035 codecs support :

  • G711
  • G723 & G729 : upon request
  • QoS : DiffServ

forever4035 language support :

  • English
  • French
  • Other languages : upon request

forever4035 pre-requisites :

  • .NET framework 1.1 or later
  • IE6 or later
  • OXE (or 4400) with IP phone support