26 November 2006

forever4035 softphone for Alcatel OmniPCX

Slimphony is proud to announce the release of its compelling softphone for Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise : the forever4035 softphone [download].

Unleash the power of the proprietary Alcatel UA protocol and rip out the benefits of computer-telephony convergence.

The forever4035 is a full-featured .net emulation of the famous 4035 e-reflexe hardware phone set.

In addition it provides a set of API both for first party CTI integration & Softphone integration into business application : design the softphone that suits your own specific needs in your own custom environment!

forever4035 main features :

  • All telephony features available on the 4035 e-reflexe hardware phone set, including telephony presence
  • Click to dial selected items from any windows application (custom windows hot keys)
  • Toggle PC speakers, headset and speakerphone devices in one click
  • Conversation recording
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Phone set supervision bar
  • Embedded Web browser
  • Windows taskbar integration
  • Windows Internet Explorer integration
  • Windows Desktop Toolbar integration

forever4035 APIs :

  • . NET in-process library (can also be exposed as a COM interface)
  • XML-RPC out-process server (web services interface)

forever 4035 codecs support :

  • G711
  • G723 & G729 : upon request
  • QoS : DiffServ

forever4035 language support :

  • English
  • French
  • Other languages : upon request

forever4035 pre-requisites :

  • .NET framework 1.1 or later
  • IE6 or later
  • OXE (or 4400) with IP phone support